Criteria for Scholarship Selection

  1. Applicants must be either working for or own a greenhouse operation and that operation must be in good standing with the Association
  2. Applicants must be registered in a recognized Horticultural program
  3. Proof of registration must accompany the application
  4. A brief letter introducing themselves, why they should be considered for the scholarship and full contact information must accompany the application
  5. Individuals can apply more than once, however preference will be given to new applicants
  6. All eligible applications can apply, however preference will be given to full time students
  7. Transcripts from the previous year must be submitted with the application
  8. All horticulture programs will be consider, however preference will be given to those attending a Canadian post secondary institutions

Note: On-line accredited institutions will also be considered.

Please submit your application to  Deadline is September 30th, 2016.